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World wide consulting services will take your $4980 and send you to 2 dealerships in 2 months and then you never hear from them again. I was scammed.

There also trying to operated under the name UCS. They were advertising in automotive news for Trainers with General manager experience only as they know former GMs have the money to pay.

Pete Ferrigan,Ken Carver, Skye are all part of this scam. They tell you they have plenty of work in the state you live in and that the dealership you do the training will cover hotel,gas,airfare but it is all lies.

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This whole scam is still going on...Ed Napleton Dealers Chicago Suburbs "Pete Ferrigno" (no relation to Lou his words)He had a class of 25 of us, I think 5 are still working in the actual stores (Kia/Acura) at $500 per person not bad "work" if you can get it... (sarcasm) I've been calling (800) 722-8482 3X a day s/w someone named John one time...

Thank you for the tips...I'll be calling in the morning let them know I'm contacting IRS and States Atty...

Last question, are the dealerships complicit in this in any manner? Good Day


World Wide Consulting Services is still scamming people?? If you get a phone call, email, post card, or fax from this place, do yourself a favor and run like ***.

It's a scam for both trainers and people in class. Unless of course you're unemployed and like paying hundreds of dollars just to listen to some psycho talk about his make believe millions and how he lives rich and how many cars he has.

Or on the other hand you can give 4-5k as a trainer and let them send you on one job, lose money, and then never get another job and never see your 4-5k again. Either way you lose.


Just had some "training" with Cody Richardson of WWCS today along with 12 other potential employees of Sunset Ford in St. Louis, MO.

I hope the others in my class were as unconvinced as I was as to the legitimacy of any of the information he provided on himself, or what training he covered in the first day.

He informed us that he interviewed 80 candidates, and we were the 12 the dealership chose. Convenient that everyone who interviewed happend to recognize everyone else, but didn't remember other interviewees.

He informed us that we were to start training on Wednesday, and go to work selling cars on Monday (upon completion of the training) at the close of every one of our interviews.

Looked up some background information on this clown (Cody Richardson) and apparently his "15 years in the business as a salesman, sales manager, and finance manager" has his career starting when he was 13 year old, since his public Facebook page has his age listed as 28.

I believed everything to be legitimate until I had my interview. Was told over and over how I was well qualified, and how he knew I would "do well", and be able to do it without lying, which is pretty laughable considering his background in lying about his entire life.

Also had one of the salespeople call us "summer help" which Mr. Richardson tried to quiet as the salesman walked by and said it again. Mr. Richardson made sure to use the words "career, commitment, devotion" directly afterward. - Red flag that had me curious.

Final interview was what had me 100% convinced it was a scam. Basically he reiterated everything he told us in the one day of training, and how we were the "cream of the crop", and how he knew we "want it". Then came the sales pitch, this is a "guarantee" and how we just had to give him $579.00 to recieve training in sales(everything was totally obvious, be nice, introduce yourself, place garbage statistic here, etc...)"placement service", a book, and a garbage certificate, and best of all, no certainty of an actual job.

Hopefully these idiots go out of business soon and don't take too many other people for their hard earned money. Love how these trainers get su buried in their own scam that they have to try to take everyone down with them.

Also, regarding Sunset Ford, St. Louis, MO, they, being hosts to this obvious scam, have lost the business of my family members, which have purchased 7 cars in within the last 10 years from them. Congratulations on losing multiple customers for life. Hope it was worth it.


Look at the fake positive posts. They are all added minutes apart from different people.


Once a ***, always a ***! Keep scamming!


About 12 years ago I started using Worldwide to get me salespeople and they did just that. They have provided me with some of my best salespeople i have ever had work for me.

Since then I had become a trainer with them for the past 6 years and couldnt be happier. I make enough money to where I only need to work 30 times during the entire year. the managers and staff at Worldwide have become like family to me and thats how they have taught me to treat my students and dealers that I train for.

Any ill words directed at Worldwide must be completely false and unjustified. You people need to stop blaming them and berating them to help boost your self esteem.


I have worked with Pete and this Company for 17 years. He has trained for me at several stores that I have worked at and has done a fantastic job.

It's sad that everyone has to make up things about a company to try to bury the competition.

Good Luck!!!!! Keep doing a great job Pete and thanks again for everything!


Nice one SS. Is that our Melissa from the good old daze in the prior post.


Please take a look at the Review I just added - it is lengthy but very detailed...

Review #:223792

You will find the researched information detailed and accessable - and may help you in any investigations associated with this Company and it's "Pyramid" chain...

Wish all and any the best of luck... by sticking together there may be a chance of Justice occuring..


Yep, Peter Ferrigan at it again! I guess he has too many complaints under worldwide consulting services (wwcs), so he is using UCS Auto now.

Maybe its one word? UCSauto.

Either way, proceed at your own risk when dealing with old rubber face. Do a little research and you will come up with pages and pages of complaints.


I was promised a job as a salesman at Legacy Toyota during the three day training. No job!

Why? I was trained by a Toyota Sales Manager! Why would the toyota sales manager tell me for three days that I have a job and at the end of training tell me that Toyota doesn't want me??

Oh that's because that sales manager was a trainer from WWCS!!!! Unemployed-Bankrupt-and WWCS got my last unemployment check.

Jetersville, Virginia, United States #199952

Come on! This loser is still in business?

You’d think he’d be all haggard and worn out by now. But then that’s what plastic surgery is for and by the looks of it he’s had a few too many tugs on his face! Ha ha But all joking aside, I can’t believe he’s still scamming folks and getting away with it. It just goes to show how hard up everyone is to find a job and pay the bills.

This guy has absolutely no conscience. He’s doesn’t care what promises he’s made to you as long as you hand over your money and he can pay his mortgage this month or buy a Hummer. You know what they say about the size of a man’s car and the size of his…..

But come on guys, looking back at when you first met Peter Ferrigan, didn't you have some twinge of apprehension? That feeling that "this is too good to be true"?

Bet you wish you'd listened to your gut instincts! I don't fault anyone who is trying to get ahead; it's what we are all striving for. But it's folks like this that people like Peter Ferrigan prey on. Your best course of action & anyone's best course that has been ripped off by Peter Ferrigan / World Wide Consulting is to turn him and his business/businesses into the North Carolina department of Taxation, the South Carolina department of Taxation, the Attorney General & the Internal Revenue Service.

It wouldn’t hurt to contact the NYS Attorney General either. He is guilty of tax evasion on both personal and professional levels as well as sticking telephone companies, credit card companies, rental agencies and the like with unpaid bills totaling millions. Unless he is hit hard and heavy where it hurts the most: in the pocket, he will never stop. This is all he knows.

He stole this idea years ago and ran with it. It’s a shame he’s not been stopped and you people should be furious! It’s is not fair that he can buy fancy cars and big homes paid for by folks like you when you can’t even pay your own bills. If he was making an honest living but you failed at your job that would be one thing.

But it’s not that. He will use anyone he comes across to get what he wants and tell you whatever you need to hear to get it. Under the IRS Whistleblower Program you may be entitled to awards of up to 30% of funds recovered based on information you provide. Now there's some incentive!

I strongly urge you and anyone ripped off by Peter Ferrigan, WWCS, World Wide Consulting or whatever name he uses these days; to write to the appropriate agencies listed above. Speak up folks and don’t stop until someone listens to you.


Pete Ferrigan is a scumb bag of the first order and a convicted felon (NYS). He has been scaming people with this sales training gig for years (20 that I know of).

So if you have evert dealt with ATS, WWCS, UCS, ect, ect. You've scamed.


Call the attorney general in South Carolina

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